Anti Government Protests in Caracas during 2014
A protester calling others to help on the front line over a barricaded street during the first week of protests in February 2014. Caracas
A National Guard holding a flower given to him by a protester on International Women's Day. Caracas 2014
An old man kneels asking the National guards to take him instead of the protesters. Caracas 2014
A Barricade on the streets of Altamira. A mostly opposition neighborhood in Caracas 2014
A bus booth is set on fire by protesters and used as barricade. Caracas 2014
A protester throws back a tear gas canister at the police, Caracas 2014
A 17 years old protester shows the scars of a tear gas canister that impacted in his face during a protest. Caracas 2014
A group of protesters hide behind improvised shields as they get closer to a tank to throw Molotov cocktails at it. Caracas 2014
A group of protesters after being detained by the National Guard
Protesters shooting fireworks at the police with an improvised cardboard tube. Caracas 2014
A protester having a break before going back to the front line. Caracas 2014
A protester throwing a Molotov cocktail to the police. Caracas 2014
A National Police in a protest in Chacao, Caracas 2014