A group of Mexican-American teens learn how to be Mariachis and navigate between their two identities: The Stars and Stripes and The Serpent and the Eagle
Edgar Mata, 16, a student at the Nuevo Amanecer Mariachi Academy in Queens, dedicating a song to his mother, who hugs him at a party after his confirmation ceremony. June 2017.
From left, Jonathan Alquicer, 19, Edgar Mata, 16 and Hillary Garcia, 14, playing outside a Chinese restaurant in Queens. April 2017.
From left, Hillary Garcia, her sister, Julisa Garcia, 17, and Jenyfer Orzuna, 16, play guitar during Julisa’s birthday party. Queens, May 2017.
Joscelyn Valdez, 16, watching videos on her phone in her bedroom. Brooklyn. March 2017.
Hillary Garcia lighting the cake for her sister’s 17th birthday. Queens, May 2017.
Hillary Garcia playing outside a bar in Queens as she and the other students wait to begin their performance. May 2017.
A couple of dancers from the Riviera Maya dance group at the backstage of the ​ Fama Awards before going to stage, during the concert of the Nuevo Amanecer Mariachi Academy. The Riviera Maya group performs traditional dance from several places of Mexico. Queens, New York, February, 2017
Rafael Valdez rehearses for the presentation at the Fama Awards, a celebration of Latin American music and entertainment. Queens, February 2017.
Brittny Canete celebrating her quinceañera in Brooklyn. March 2017.
Hillary Garcia, Wenseslao Goiz, 14, and Joscelyn Valdez rehearsing for the Fama Awards. Queens, February 2017.
Hillary, center, and Julisa Garcia, center left, along with their sister Nicole and a family friend, help their mother to sell food at a Mother’s day festival in Queens. May 2017.
The hats of the Mariachi los Camperos, a Mariachi group from Los Angeles, at a concert in Queens. May 2017.